Writing, connection, fun

I was introduced to this exercise at the Nibblers Writing Group in Brighton.  I took it to Pimlico Writers where it was enjoyed as a starter exercise with a surprise
element, a bit like Consequences but different.

Pimlico Writers 2
  • Each person has a blank sheet of paper.  On this you write a line of words describing a landscape with a figure in it – animal or human.
  • Underneath this you write one word with some connection to what you’ve just written.
  • Then you fold it over – backwards works well –  leaving only the single word showing, and pass it to the person on your left.
  • On the paper you’ve received you write a line that connects to the word you see in front of you.  Then you again write one word that links to what you’ve just written and fold the paper over leaving only that word visible.
  • And so on until you come full circle.  Then open up the paper in front of you and read.  At this stage you can choose to make a couple of small edits if you wish, to improve the reading aloud.

Here are some of the ones we did.  It’s interesting to see how feelings and experiences come in to the writing as well as playful ideas and descriptions.

Recommended for its fun quality which also allows serious thoughts to be expressed and connections made between group members.

Pimlico Writers 4
Pimlico Writers