Finding words

Calm Anxious Scattered Anticipating

Exposed Wonderful Excited Relaxed 

At the start of a writing for wellbeing group I sometimes ask group members to write down how they’re feeling today

As a facilitator this exercise makes me aware of the range of emotions that can be present in a group at any moment. 

Group members write on pieces of paper which are collected in a container, shaken up and then shared in the group. There’s no link made between the words and any
individual person.

Doing this allows time for people to settle into the group, reflect on how they’re feeling, find words for feelings and write them, reflect, and share with others without having to explain.

This is good for both the individual and the group. Writing down your feelings gets them out of your head. And you don’t have to sit there desperately trying to stop them bursting out either! The page is a wonderful container for feelings too and it doesn’t judge you. It is simply there.

In terms of the group the exercise reduces anxiety for participants around sharing how they’re feeling. It may also increase openness.  It gets feelings out there; encourages connection and understanding; increases empathy.

You may find you’ve used the same word or feeling as someone else.   There’s something validating about that, and the space given by others for your feelings to be heard.