Running a writing retreat?

One of the most important aspects of running a successful retreat is to ensure you take good care of all your guests for the duration of their stay with you. This includes
considering all their requirements from eating to sleeping, together with managing their expectations, holding the space, bonding the group and dealing with the

The venue must be clean, warm and in some way inspiring. The food scrumptious and filling. And enough else of interest on offer for when the writing gets tough. 

Also what would you do if someone really doesn’t like their room? Or perhaps their room mate’s snoring is keeping them awake, so they’ve moved their bedding into the hall to sleep on the floor…

And then there’s you, as host or co-host, holding the space for everyone’s stories.
Hosting people you don’t know that well – if at all – for a sustained period of time can be intense and tiring (even for people you do know well – think Christmas with the
extended family!). And this besides any writing or workshop activities. 

These are some of the things Mary Burns and I hold a space to chat about in our
Running a Writing Retreat sessions  – to help with your preparations so you and all your guests have a great time.