feedback from participants

“I’ve really enjoyed the opportunities offered through the different exercises and the welcoming and generous attitude of you and the other group members.”

“I find writing like this joyful and therapeutic and can’t motivate myself to do it alone.”  

“Your way of introducing the writing gradually, easily do-able exercises, and telling us we didn’t have to share helped create a non invasive, friendly climate.”

“The exercises helped to stimulate thoughts and you were very encouraging and positive.”

“I was curious whether or not I could write. I’ve always written pretty factual and this was a good taster to explore my creative skills and write my first ever poem.”

“I love hearing other people’s writing and welcome the challenge I experience to read my own out loud to others.”

“An enjoyable and interesting time. Thank you.”

“I very much enjoyed this workshop.  It was lovely to write in a guided way without the
emotional baggage attached.”