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A reflective exercise

It’s good to reflect at the end of running a writing for wellbeing workshop.

This way you often find ideas come up for future exercises and ways of working with your group.

The following is an extract from an exercise I presented at A Dose of Writing
at The Poetry School for Lapidus London, in September 2019.

I asked delegates:

– What’s happening in this group?  and to make some notes – being playful,
serious, making it up, or using their own experiences to describe what they thought was going on from what they could see.

– To take two of the characters and write from their perspectives.
Writing for 5 mins on each one.

– Then to extract or choose 5 words that described how each of their two
characters were feeling.

– Lastly to list how they would run the next workshop / meeting for this group given that they’d had time to reflect on the dynamics and feelings in the group.

The painting is The Potato Eaters by Van Gogh.