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Feedback from Organisations:
Our group thoroughly enjoyed the workshops with Christine, lots of creative writing, fun, laughter. Christine is a lovely lady to work with, she brought out the best in every one.  A great leader, she interacted well with the community who attended, a good listener, adaptable to each individual’s needs. She treated every one with respect .
Jennifer Hayden, Pimlico Writers Writing for Wellbeing

I would heartily recommend Christine and feel she would be an asset to whichever organisation she is involved with.
Nicola Benge, WRVS Heritage Plus Project Coordinator

It has been great to have a group whose main focus is on writing freely and developing a love for writing (rather than a focus on spelling and punctuation). It provides a supportive group space and encourages children’s confidence to grow.  All children seem to enjoy the group and benefit in a range of ways – I like the focus on creative writing and engaging those who otherwise struggle.  Victoria Barthorpe, SENCO, Sir John Lillie Primary School

The result was very positive and the childrens’ increased self-esteem regarding themselves as writers was apparent.  
Rosemary Allen, Deputy Headteacher, Sir John Lillie Primary School 

Christine has run several creative writing programmes at Fulham Cross Girls’ School where students who were less confident in their writing abilities were encouraged to explore their feelings and ways of expressing them through various forms of writing.  The students really grew in confidence – particularly in wanting to share their writing with the class.

All of the students reported more positive feelings towards writing (in various forms including poetry, stories and factual writing) and an increased enjoyment in reading.  Finally, they said that they were more likely to share their writing with a grown up, whether their parents or a teacher.

Victoria Tully, Assistant Headteacher and Head of Year 7, Fulham Cross Girls’ School

Christine taught our students at the New Hanbury Project. This is a diverse group with a lot of needs, as many are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Skill is needed in order to not only manage the emotional content of the sessions but also to make it engaging, somewhere people learn but also have fun – it is an amazing gift. We are very fortunate to have such a caring and well skilled teacher for our creative writing course.
Sheona Alexander, Manager, New Hanbury Project, Shoreditch

“It was fantastic to collaborate with Wordwell Workshops for Mothers Uncovered. The sessions were perfectly geared to the participants’ needs and they all got a lot out of it. One participant wrote: ‘Absolutely essential for me as a mum, just felt so vital to take stock of my experiences and understand what other mothers are going through. Workshops were wonderful – fantastic not to feel so alone in this.’ “
Maggie Gordon Walker, Mothers Uncovered

Christine has run weekly autobiographical writing workshops for Invitation to Learn over the last two years. I value highly Christine’s ability in managing these courses, and her encouraging manner. The students all feel at ease with her, and she encourages an atmosphere of appreciation of one another’s work. I am sure Christine will be an asset in any other organisation employing her to do similar work.
Francis Clark-Lowes (Dr), Invitation to Learn, 2010

Feedback from Participants:

“I found Christine’s exercises very creative and fun. Some of my best writing came out of the sessions. I wrote from life experience and also creatively. Christine pushed the boundaries and I found I was writing from the heart. Her experience in counselling and being a mother herself, gave her the added experience in choosing her exercises carefully. I would recommend her courses to anyone.”
Jilliana Ranicar-Breese, Space to Write

“One of the things I like most about your workshops compared to other writing workshops/classes/courses I’ve taken part in is that we pay more attention to the content of what people write, not just the form. We focus on – and enjoy – the interesting things people have to say.”
C. A. Space to Write